Reculta : UI/UX

After competing my graduation studies, I worked as a UI/UX designer at Reculta

Duration: 11 months Tools/Skills used:UI/UX Design
UI/UX DesignWorkshops

Managing placements is a mammoth task and companies visit only a handful of colleges in India for their annual recruitment cycle.

At Reculta, We wanted to democratise opportunities and make it accesible to students across the country irrespective of their where they are situated. We spent time developing interfaces that could bridge the gap between the employers(recruiter) and the institutions(placement team/students).

Due to the NDA signed, im bound to not share more work.

At Reculta, I contributed towards designing 3 products:

  1. Recruiter’s module : One stop solution for recruiter looking to hire from campuses
  2. Institution’s/Placeement Team module: A Platform designed for Placement Team , Institution to make all the placement related processes at once place.
  3. Students: Platform for students to apply to companies during placements.

During the initial days, based out on a small office at Delhi, it was amazing to see things going live and how we could do build great applications working from a dining table from the sub-urbs of Delhi before eventually moving out to gurgaon.